Is EME suitable for my analytes?

Search the name of your analyte below. If EME is suitable, suggested extraction conditions are provided or, if available, a schematic application note. The search tool is currently only applicable for small organic molecules.

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What is Electromembrane Extraction (EME)?

Electro membrane extraction, or EME, is a miniaturized liquid-liquid extraction technique developed for sample preparation of aqueous samples prior to analysis by chromatography, electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, and related techniques in analytical chemistry.

Why Electro Membrane Extraction (EME)

EME provides rapid extraction, efficient sample clean-up and high selectivity for ionizable compounds from blood samples, other body fluids and environmental samples. Under optimized conditions, EME can provide pure samples for mass spectrometry directly, without need for chromatography.

Excellent reproducibility

With EME’s excellent reproducibility you move reproducibility issues from the sample preparation to the MS.

Pure extracts

An additional advantage of Electro Membrane Extraction is that this sample preparation method is non-destructive i.e. you could re-extract your sample(s) whenever needed.

“Green” sample preparation method

“Green” sample preparation method due to low power consumption and almost no need for organic solvents.

How does EME work?

Two separate vials holding the sample solution and the acceptor solution.
The vials are separated by an organic solvent immobilized in the pores of a polymeric membrane, called the supported liquid membrane (SLM).
By applying an electric field across the membrane, charged analytes are transported by electrokinetic migration from the sample solution into the acceptor solution, while non-ionic analytes and ions of opposite charge are withheld in the sample solution.
You now have pure sample extract. Under optimized conditions, EME can provide very clean extracts with reduced matrix effects i.e. a complete discrimination of proteins and phospholipids, reducing down-time of your MS instruments. The extracts can be injected directly on LC-MS instruments using very short LC-methods before MS.

World’s first commercial EME instrument

ETN has developed the first commercial EME instrument. Please contact us to purchase our first EME instrument (ETN-1 EME) or pre-order our new 12 position instrument (ETN-12 EME).

Standardizing EME

We’ve standardized the EME process, making it perfect for R&D and application development.

Complete extraction kit

For an easy ETN-12 EME use, we provide you with an extraction kit containing: vials, membranes, unions and vial holder.

Environmentally friendly

“Green” sample ­preparation ­method due to low power ­consumption and almost no need for organic solvents.

Fast and selective

EME offers fast and selective sample extraction of ­ionizable compounds from your complex matrices.

Multi sample capable

12 samples can be extracted in parallel. In future devices, it will also be possible to use 96-well plates.

Single step sample preparation

With ETN-12 EME, your sample preparation will require only one single step to achieve pure extracts ready for analysis.

About ETN

Extraction Technologies Norway AS was established in 2013 with a mission to develop a completely different, novel and innovative sample preparation method, which should be groundbreaking in terms of simplicity, speed of method and purity of samples.

For this purpose and based on our patented technology, we have developed the world’s first commercial instrument that uses electro-membrane extraction to prepare samples for analysis.